Bencore offers a range of creative solutions for offices and break out spaces. The translucent, lightness and structural design characteristics of Bencore are brought together in a range of swing and sliding internal doors and wall partition systems. The systems allow for a space to be transformed encouraging collaboration and allowing for privacy in both residential and commercial settings. The material allows light in, improving the atmosphere, adding colour and texture. Bencore's systems can be used with any of the colours from the Starlight, Lightben, Hexaben or Ecoben collections in places like office and reception areas as partition walls, backlit features and swing or sliding doors or residential walk-in closets, wardrobe doors.

Meaning 'light' in Ancient Greek, FOS plays with the light and translucency of Bencore. The unique wall and door system can be used as doors, walls, walk-in closets, and break out spaces. Made with aluminium frames are available in a range of colours and finishes to work with the different dimensions in a space, allowing for design freedom and easy installation.

Supplied as a single module, the wall and sliding door can range in height from 2100mm to 3000mm, without the need for joins or transom windows and can be used with any Bencore honeycomb panel.


Blending Ancient Greek into the modern day, MELI, meaning honey, this door's design seeks to redefine aluminium structures. Stiffness, light and translucency with clean lines and super thin frames.

The doors's material allows for privacy, transforming the space with sliding doors that play with light. The aluminium profiles on the door can be cut at 45 and 90 degree angles and can be used with any of the Bencore collections.


Translated as flow from Ancient Greek, ROI doors are designed to work as elegant with a silent sliding door surface. The sleek and minimalistic rail system can be combined with different handle designs or cut outs.

The system is designed so the door can hang from existing masonry to divide rooms, or create walk-in closets, close off meeting rooms and store cupboards.


From Ancient Greek as planar, the name represents the minimal sleek composition. A sliding door system used with Bencore panels that adds character to the room - creating shadows and playing with light. The stainless steel systems allow the doors to move with ease and can be fit to many different dimensions.


Deriving from Ancient Greek as the word space, this system is designed with outmost freedom and easy installation because of its simple frame. This system can be installed from floor to ceiling or be fitted onto into existing walls.

Koros is can create a modern and smart aesthetic, with any of the Bencore honeycomb composite panels for design.