Metem is a high-end line of post-consumer recycled decorative plastic sheets available in a variety of bright, poppy colours. Made with 100% recycled plastic from discarded milk and detergent packaging that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, Metem is a high quality, through-colour textured panel made of HDPE developed especially for the architecture and design industry.

Originally created for Loll Designs  outdoor furniture, Metem is perfect for designers looking for a premium recycled material that can be used in a range of applications like playground and recreation facilities, exterior wayfinding and signage, furniture, shopfitting, partitions and wall panels - anywhere its vivid colour and unique finish are essential. 

Metem is made with milky pellets of first-generation recycled poly plastic, which allows for solid, bright colours that resist fading. The pellets are blended with pigment and extruded through textured rollers under even heat and pressure to fuse the pellets into a solid design panel. Metem is durable, easy to clean and maintain, weather resistant, UV stable and food safe.

Using Metem can reduce the environmental impact of processing virgin materials and increase the use of recycled content for a project. The colourful recycled material doesn’t offgas harmful VOCs and can contribute to indoor air quality. Plus, at the end of its useful life the material can easily be recycled again.

Metem can be cut, drilled and machined, heat formed, and plastic-welded. The designer plastic is often used in store designs, offices, playgrounds, spas and museums as wall cladding, furniture and fittings, privacy screens and partitions. Made to order in the USA in about 8 weeks + ocean or air shipping, Metem is a high-end surface material supplied in 2440 x 1220mm sheets, of 13mm, 16mm or 25mm thickness.