Bencore started producing translucent honeycomb panels over 15 years ago for industrial applications like yacht building and light stone. Bencore is now used by architects and designers in commercial restaurant, retail and hospitality interiors as well as offices and public spaces.

The interior design panels are excellent for vertical or horizontal applications like tables, raised floors, partition walls, false ceilings, doors and shelves. Because of its excellent light transmission, Bencore is often backlit with LED lights and neons for stunning lighting effects. When used externally as a façade, it must be sandwiched inside double glazing.

Translucent materials let natural light reach inner parts of a building without sacrificing privacy, reducing energy consumption for lighting systems, and improving well-being. Bencore can save up to 50% raw material and help optimise energy performance.

Bencore's raw materials are sourced entirely from within the EU and the composite design panels are manufactured in Tuscany, Italy.

The material’s structure and strength come from its inner polycarbonate (PC) or copolymer (SAN) cores. This inner layer is created by stretching plastic sheets between plates with different patterns to form linked cylindrical, hexagonal or starry cellular cores. The thickness of the material comes from the amount the core is pulled during the expansion process, and varies by collection from 9mm to 40mm. These honeycomb panels are then bonded to two outer layers made of polyester (PETG) or acrylic (PMMA).

The adhesive used to bond the panels is only applied to the cell walls, so the openings are left clear to diffuse and direct light, reducing glare, allowing privacy and letting in up to 65% natural daylight.

Because it can be faced with polycarbonate or acrylic sheets, like Perspex, custom colours are available on top of the range of deep, bright colours with a satin or a glossy finish. Mirrored and opaque backings can also be used on one side to reflect and evenly diffuse light.

Bencore is made to order in 1000mm by 3010mm sheets. The architectural composite panels can be milled, routed, joined and edge banded, as well as thermoformed on a radius. Polishing can restore the original lustre or glossy surface after fabrication or to remove scratches.

We work with Bencore to promote and support the honeycomb composite material within the architecture and design community throughout the UK.

Starlight is lightweight, strong and translucent with a unique tessellating star pattern. Starlight is available with different strength and fire rating options depending on the core material and panel thickness. Starlight Floor is the strongest and has an anti-slip finish on one side, great for stairs, stage and set design, flooring and treads.

Lightben is similar to Starlight, but even lighter and with cylindrical shaped cells. The tubes can be clear or coloured in a range of cell sizes. Lightben Kaos combines three different sizes of tubes to create special light effects in different colours; Kaos 3D Black uses glossy black cores that undulate light as your point of focus moves across the panel and is now available in Bencore's new Mirror Collection. A clear lightweight acoustic panel is also available with pinhole perforations that absorb sound in public spaces and offices. Lightben CC has transparent coloured cylindrical cores with excellent fire resistance and varying translucency and colour intensity.

Hexaben is the lightest Bencore panel and uses hexagonal aluminium foil in one of two different cell sizes. The aluminium honeycomb reflects light into the cells, creating a soft glow from within.

Ecoben wave™ now 100% recycled uses a layer of recycled corrugated cardboard between clear sheets of recycled acrylic. The eco friendly translucent panel is great for sustainable design projects because of its natural recycled content.

Bencore's systems for modular walls and sliding or swing doors use powder coated aluminium profiles that fit to existing walls as a floor-to-ceiling option up to 3 metres high. Colour swatches provided below are provided as an example only and may vary from the actual material.